Posted: 27.05.2022 15:13:00

Lukashenko believes EAEU states will overcome all challenges by uniting efforts

As he delivered a speech at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council session today, the President of Belarus expressed his conviction that the EAEU states will successfully pass all challenges of modern times if they unite efforts


In his address to the colleagues, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed, “We face difficult tasks, which we are forced to solve in an accelerated mode. This is all happening against the background of global uncertainty – even more serious than during the COVID times. However, I am convinced that, by uniting our efforts, by fully realising the capabilities of the Eurasian Economic Union and overcoming national egoism, we will successfully pass all the challenges.”

The Head of State also informed that Belarus had begun active preparations for the Second CIS Games in August 2023, “As you remember, the previous Games were held in Kazan, in 2021. If we want to continue this good tradition, I ask all colleagues to actively join the work and give the necessary instructions to those interested in your countries. The sports event should become another symbol of friendship and solidarity for our peoples.”