Posted: 09.05.2022 14:59:00

Lukashenko: Belarusians are not aggressors, but we’ll support Russia in every possible way

The West will not be able to break and separate Belarus and Russia – as stated today by the President during the wreath-laying ceremony at the Victory Monument on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory


According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, it is no longer a secret to anyone that the entire Western world is fighting against Russia in Ukraine, “And we are reproached for supporting Russia. Come to your senses! Neither legally nor morally have Belarusians the right not to support Russia. We have always been together! We have always been united! No matter what you do, no matter what arrows you throw in our direction, you will fail to tear us into pieces and separate us.”

The Head of State noted that no UN resolutions are needed to understand that since you supply someone with weapons, sell them or just donate them, as it is now in Ukraine, if you supply mercenaries in droves, support them in this hybrid information war, then you are not an outside observer, “Do not lay the blame on us. About 50 states have united in the West against one Russia. Therefore, there is no need to reproach us, because we are alone with Russia. Look at your politics and think about what will happen tomorrow.”

“I want everyone in the West to hear me again: Belarusians are not aggressors! But, remaining an ally and strategic partner of fraternal Russia, we will support it in every possible way. We are united and inspired by the examples of the heroes of the past, the responsibility to our children and the Great Victory, which we will never give away to anyone.”