Posted: 28.06.2022 18:12:00

Lukashenko: Belarus needs to integrate into new world model

The National Ball of University Graduates – held at BelExpo Complex in Minsk today – was attended by the Head of State, as is traditional


The President addressed young people, “The happiest and most pleasant years of your life have ended. Many of those why are present here now – or probably even all of you – think so. Older people also think so many years after graduation, but I completely disagree. The best of the best are present here, the excellent students. For them, those years were probably happy, but they were the hardest and most difficult in your life. Meanwhile, today is the nicest and happiest day – when everything is behind, when exams and unpleasant tests have been passed, and when you keep your diplomas in hands. This is really the happiest day, I believe.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko also called the young people present at the ball his colleagues. “As I have said, you have already received diplomas of higher education, and literally tomorrow a new stage of your life will begin: you will come to your first workplace in the status of a beginner, but already a certified specialist. Accept my congratulations! It is a great day! You have worthily passed this important path for any person, you have got understanding of your destiny and realised the dreams of a professional future. You are here today – bright, beautiful and spiritually driven, as it should be at such a young age,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko greeted all university graduates, saying, “I am proud of you, I am grateful to your parents and teachers who have contributed much of their spiritual forces to make you what you have become. You have a whole life ahead of you. I do not know whether this is good or bad, but it is beginning in times of the most global, tectonic changes. You see what is happening: a new world is being born, and the old one is being ruined. Belarus still remains an isle of calm in this turbulent process – though being rocked on the waves of a global storm. It depends on us where this storm will take us all.”

The Belarusian leader believes young, ambitious and self-confident young people need such challenges – ‘since everything associated with risks produces a huge opportunity’. “For you, they are primarily related to personal and professional development. For the country as a whole, no matter to what side the world swings, the task is to integrate into its new model, strengthen its state positions in the international arena and not to remain on the side-lines. You – young people – play the most important role in this process, and the future relies on you. The sustainability of our economy will depend on your competence and diligence. Love for the native land, respect for traditions and historical memory will guarantee not only preservation of the nation, but also strengthening of the role and voice of Belarus in the global international chorus.”