Posted: 13.06.2024 13:47:00

Lukashenko: Belarus entered electoral period

Belarus has clearly entered the electoral period associated with the presidential elections – as noted by Head of State Aleksandr Lukashenko today when making personnel decisions


The President recalled the recent report of the Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Igor Karpenko, who described in detail how the election campaign would develop. Addressing the appointed leaders, the Head of State noted, “There is no need to wait for something new. You all were the participants in those elections. As I have said, we should not offend our people. Everything should be clear, beautiful, in the interests of our state.”

The President drew attention to the complete fiasco of the fugitive fifth column, which representatives failed their invented ‘elections’, “Our so-called fugitive opponents have already made a spectacle of themselves. Neither they nor their bosses can now accuse us of using an administrative resource or any other resources prohibited by law.”

The Head of State added that, against almost 7 million voters in Belarus, slightly more than 6 thousand people voted in the fugitives’ staged ‘elections’, and even the diasporas of ethnic Belarusians living abroad for a long time did not take part in that performance. Aleksandr Lukashenko wondered, “Why were they held? We voiced it openly what the result would be. Why did they hold those elections? Money is needed to exist, but how is it possible to act without a briefcase [‘legal’ authority]? One may seemingly have it, but what is its essence? Therefore, they should not reprove us. I have always said that we are holding elections for ourselves. No need to look at what is happening around. Everything they taught us in the years after the USSR collapse was done to have us at hand and in subordination – so that we can make no step left or right without negative consequences for ourselves. Therefore, they [fugitives] are staying there now, using the money of Americans and some Europeans. Moreover, they are preparing armed provocations against us. Actually, we will handle this.”