Posted: 11.11.2022 12:41:00

Lukashenko at Amkodor-KEZ: I see prospects here

Visiting Amkodor-KEZ enterprise in the Tolochin District, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, drew attention to the personnel issue, asking, Aleksandr Shakutin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Amkodor – Holding Managing Company, whether he had enough labour force.


The President was informed that labour resources are the main problem in Kokhanovo. 4,500 people live in the urban settlement, with part of the qualified personnel leaving for Minsk, some – for Russia.

“To keep people, it is necessary to have housing. How many flats do you need?” Aleksandr Lukashenko asked a question

The President was responded: about 35.

“It is very important that we provide labour resources with housing. If you treat people normally, there will be return from them,” Aleksandr Shakutin explained.

The Head of State was also informed about the peculiarities of the Amkodor Holding’s activities, the equipment produced here in general and the reclamation sector in particular.

“It is necessary to develop this direction. It is profitable. This will help save these territories, leading to the development of villages,” the President noted.

He added that the relevant equipment is in demand not only in Belarus, but also abroad, particularly in Russia.

Amkodor-KEZ is Belarus’ only manufacturer of land reclamation machines and single-bucket hydraulic tracked and wheeled excavators and trenchers. The plant also manufactures bulldozers, telescopic wheel loaders, canal cleaners and mowers.

“I see the future here. Give housing to people – and they will work here,” the President said about the enterprise and the settlement.

Amkodor’s production in the urban settlement of Kokhanovo is not the only one. For example, there is here a woodworking enterprise that is implementing a project for the manufacture of components for modern wooden housing construction. Innovative approaches enable it to build such houses up to eight floors high.

Aleksandr Lukashenko drew attention to the relevance of the project, including in terms of export potential. With a relatively small investment, it is possible to get a good return.

“If you see the market, then it should be done instantly. If this project is needed, we will support it. Houses need to be built,” he stressed. “If this is a normal project, then it needs investments and further development. Moreover, these are jobs, these are raw materials that we do not always process.”

After a detailed report on the state of affairs in the holding and at the enterprise, Aleksandr Lukashenko visited the production and modernised workshops, where he paid attention to localisation.