Posted: 16.08.2022 12:26:00

Lukashenko: agriculture needs dictatorship

This and next years must be a turning point if we want to be successful in agriculture – as stated by the Head of State during his visit to the selection and seed complex of the Scientific and Practical Centre for Arable Farming of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, located in the Smolevichi District


The Belarusian leader urged not to forget about agricultural managers’ responsibility for the harvest. Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that for a high harvest, it is important to strictly observe the technologies while this is still not done in some places, including because of the negligent attitude towards the results of common labour. He noticed that farmers have a different attitude towards their grain, “They treat it differently. They follow technology. They are working in the field all the time while managers of state-run agricultural companies hold meetings with staff and consider their job done.”

The Head of State said that some managers forget about discipline and don’t show initiative, don’t aim for the best result, but go with the tide, being sure that they will receive state support.

“We have a democracy: either to sow or not to sow, either to harvest or not to harvest,” the President resented. “We need dictatorship. And we have it, so let’s ‘turn it on’. Let’s turn on the administrative resource and make everyone to do everything properly.”

The Belarusian Head of State urged not to let the lack of initiative go unpunished, “The manager must be responsible. At the end of the year, they must answer for their actions, as we did.”