Posted: 12.08.2022 13:17:00

Lukashenko: agricultural exports possible after domestic market needs are satisfied

During his visit to Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1, the President of Belarus was reported by the Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo, who informed on some negative points: milk production decreased, and fewer dairy products are available in Minsk

“It has happened literally in recent months. Many enterprises got interested in high-margin exports – and began to experiment a little,” Mr. Brylo explained, adding that the situation has levelled off by now. A number of administrative measures have been taken, and the situation is being strictly monitored. No reduction is observed anymore.

The Head of State reminded that whole-milk products always enjoy demand, so milk, kefir, yoghurts should be present on store shelves in sufficient quantity.

The President addressed the responsible persons, “They did not prepare a plan for the domestic market and sold whatever they wanted to the external market. As always, Leonid Konstantinovich [Zayats, Deputy Prime Minister], we are hitting the tails – plunging into a problematic issue when it is already in full swing. We should have foreseen this in advance. We saw an increase in prices in Russia, for example, so it was clear that milk would be brought there. This should have been predicted.”

“In Russia, prices are twice as high,” Mr. Zayats noted.

Aleksandr Lukashenko replied that the situation is clear, but it is important to remember the main thing, “You should provide the domestic market so that our people are satisfied. You can take [products] wherever you want then, I am not against this. I am for you to have large profits, but not at the expense of Minskers who would have to walk around looking for milk – which we have plenty in the country.”

The President summed up stating that there should be no food-related failures in the country.