Posted: 03.10.2022 13:11:00

Lukashenko agreed to appoint new heads of cities and regions

The President of Belarus has considered personnel issues and agreed to the appointment of new heads of a number of cities and regions. Thus, the Baranovichi City Executive Committee will now be headed by Mikhail Batsenko, who previously worked as Chairman of the Malorita District Executive Committee. The city of Mogilev will also have a new head: Aleksandr Studnev, who previously chaired the Bobruisk City Executive Committee. Meanwhile, Igor Kisel, who served as the First Deputy Chairman of the Bobruisk City Executive Committee, went on promotion, becoming the chairman of this city executive committee.


Heads in nine districts of the country were also changed. Sergei Yarets was agreed to the post of Chairman of the Zhlobin Regional Executive Committee, Sergei Dovgalev – as Chairman of the Rechitsa District Executive Committee, Irina Namochenko – as Chairwoman of the Ortyabrsky District Executive Committee, Oleg Targonsky – as Chairman of the Loev District Executive Committee, Sergei Dylyuk – as Chairman of the Lelchitsy District Executive Committee, Vladimir Antonenko – as Chairman of the Narovlya District Executive Committee, Valery Khelsky – as Chairman of the Grodno District Executive Committee, Andrei Kozhemyakin – as Chairman of the Slavgorod District Executive Committee, and Olga Pristromskaya – as Chairwoman of the Belynichi District Executive Committee.