Posted: 21.01.2022 16:18:00

Lukashenko addresses the West: it is impossible to defeat us

In his talk with journalists today, the Head of State warned the West against attempts to attack the Union State

“I want to say the following in this regard: not simply as the President of Belarus but – perhaps, for the first time in history – as the Chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Belarus-Russia Union. I think the Russian leadership will understand me now since my words will probably be in tune with their position. We do not want a war. We do not want a war not only because it is hard and bad. It is not just discomfort. It is terrible for a person, for peoples… If a war breaks out, it will affect everyone. We do not want to fight. We do not want this also because we are the nation with memory. We remember the war on our land which ended seven decades ago. We definitely do not want to war! Neither we nor the Russians. However, we are building up our security on the basis of defending our borders – to defend ourselves. That is why I am here now,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The Head of State emotionally wondered of who could ever imagine that we would need to defend ourselves against our kith and kin. “To build not just a fence but the most expensive security system on our southern borders? They should well understand abroad: we do not want a war but if they continue to disturb us – as they are doing now – and deploy armies against us, intimidate us and put us on the brink of survival with various kinds of sanctions (economic and non-economic), and even greater threaten us in the way they are doing now (I am now speaking as the Chairman of the Council of the Union State), we will then take action and act tough enough for the other side to regret it big time. So do not mess with us. It is impossible to defeat us. We are invincible due to our spirit and the territory which is stretching from Brest to Vladivostok. Many have made attempts in, probably, recent 3-5 centuries. We remember this well. What was the outcome? They failed,” the President stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko concluded: do not mess with us, “We do not make a claim for others’ lands. We have enough land of our own. We want to preserve it and develop. These are our goals. Yet, I repeat once again: if someone fails to understand this, then there’ll be hell to pay. I am not threatening, I am just warning. God forbid!”