Posted: 30.09.2022 13:18:00

Lukashenko addressed foreign ambassadors saying it is good time to evaluate results and outline prospects

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, received credentials of ambassadors of eleven states at the Palace of Independence today. The diplomats of the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Cuba, the Order of Malta, Myanmar, Palestine, Sudan and Switzerland presented their credentials to the Head of State.


As is traditionally, Aleksandr Lukashenko commented on Belarus' co-operation with each of these states.

On United Arab Emirates

Over their almost thirty-year history, diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Belarus have been developing exclusively in the spirit of friendship, trust and mutual assistance. Your state has become one of the largest economic partners in the region for us, while participation of Emirati investors in the implementation of large-scale projects in Minsk is a vivid symbol of fruitful bilateral co-operation. I hope your active work as an Emirati ambassador will not only contribute to strengthening the political dialogue, but will also help increase trade and attract large Emirati investors to our country. Our doors are always open for you.

On Palestine

Belarus enjoys long-standing friendly ties with Palestine, which are based on a solid foundation of partnership and constructive interaction in various fields. We are interested in continuing an active and fruitful dialogue, establishing practical co-operation.

On Sudan

The Republic of Sudan is one of Belarus’ long-standing and trusted friends in Africa. Belarusian companies have extensive experience in mutually beneficial co-operation with your country. We need to continue actively developing significant bilateral potential in the fields of industry, agriculture, energy, education and healthcare. I visited Sudan, and we agreed upon everything during our negotiations with Sudan’s authorities. It is now necessary to go forward. I wish the friendly Republic of Sudan peace, stability and consolidation of society for successful implementation of the necessary transformations.

On Benin

We are interested in developing a full range of bilateral relations with the Republic of Benin, primarily in the fields of agriculture and industry. Belarus has extensive experience in development of agricultural technologies, production of machinery and equipment, and processing of products. We are ready to help in creation of industrial and agricultural enterprises, training specialists for various sectors of the economy.

On Bosnia and Herzegovina

Over thirty years of diplomatic relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, our states have passed a significant path of successful bilateral co-operation. In recent times, mutual trade has been showing growth, and many domestic goods already enjoy recognition in your country. This trend is positive, but its pace needs to be enhanced – especially since there is political support from both sides.

On Cuba

Belarus is happy that the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are its good, reliable friends and promising partners. We value our special relations with Cuba, which has traditionally been a close ally and a reliable springboard for expanding co-operation with other states of the Latin region. We consider it important to continue to maintain an active political dialogue between the countries, to intensify trade and economic ties in all areas of mutual interest. There are no closed topics.

On Brazil

Brazil is one of Belarus’ most significant partners in Latin America. We successfully liaise in different directions, and I am convinced that our countries will not stop at the results achieved, but will continue to consistently expand the entire range of bilateral contacts, including in the mining industry, metallurgy, petrochemistry and other areas.

On Argentina

I hope we will be able not only to maintain friendly and trusting relations with Argentina, but also to significantly increase mutual trade and enter into more complex co-operative ties in industry and other areas. Our countries enjoy a successful experience of co-operation – in particular, in agriculture. This experience should be expanded to new areas.

On Myanmar

Belarus views its dialogue with Myanmar as an important direction of the country’s foreign policy in Southeast Asia. We are interested not only in expanding the range of exports of domestic products to the Myanmar market, but also in strengthening bilateral co-operation ties in the field of agriculture, science, industry and education.

On Switzerland

Our desire to make the world safer and the commitment to international law are common to Belarus and Switzerland. We are always interested in developing bilateral relations based on the principles of mutual respect, an open and constructive dialogue. It is obvious that such a dialogue – rather than sanctions and reproaches – makes it possible to find solutions to the most difficult issues and move forward in any circumstances. We expect from neutral Switzerland a truly balanced and reasonable position, valuable ideas and initiatives for the benefit of bilateral co-operation. We are ready for this.