Posted: 04.10.2022 13:37:00

Lukashenko about ‘toy’ regiment of fugitives and hidden radicals in Belarus

In the context of the aggravation of the situation on the external contour, Belarus should be ready for any scenarios of the development of the situation – as stated today by President Aleksandr Lukashenko at a meeting on military security


In particular, the Head of State drew attention to the fact that our ‘fugitives’ did not fail to take advantage of the aggravation of the situation, “They come up with more and more perverted ideas, probably, because of the hysteria that they began to be forgotten. The requirements for sanctions against Belarus are being replaced by calls on military personnel to disobey and sabotage the orders of commanders and to evade conscription for military service. The goal is the same as it was in 2020: to destroy the country, overthrow the existing order and system and deal with the country’s leadership. And the armed path was chosen in achieving this goal. They no longer consider other paths. They continue to hatch plans to create their own paramilitary formations, the so-called ‘Kalinovsky regiment’. No matter how ‘toy’ this regiment may be, but in its composition there are radical fighters who set themselves the goal of destabilising the situation in our country through, first of all, sabotage and subversive activities.”

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, there are still hidden radicals on our territory, “In 2020-2021, law enforcement agencies have identified the main instigators of the riots, but they still have followers who are waiting for a convenient reason to act. You see how the ‘sleeping cells’ have shown themselves in Russia. The trigger for destructive forces was the important decision of the Russian President to carry out partial mobilisation. Actions with ‘handkerchiefs and flowers’ immediately appeared while anti-state slogans and calls to evade mobilisation began to spread.”

“Those who have lined their pockets under the current regime and built palaces and castles are now publicly tearing up their Russian passports and fleeing abroad. The so-called cultural elite in Russia has set to destabilise the situation inside Russia, just as it happened in Belarus in 2020. Our ‘fugitives’ expect that such an impetus to destabilise the situation in Belarus could be the armed provocations of militants from among the Nazi formations. In such conditions, we must be ready for any scenarios,” the Belarusian Head of State underlined.

The President also noted that a decrease in tension should not be expected in the near future, “On the contrary, Russia will step up efforts in a special military operation. The West in its war with Russia will seek to further arm Ukraine. Therefore, we have once again gathered here to analyse the development of the military-political situation around Belarus and to determine measures for our response.”

The President drew attention to the fact that he constantly warns the heads of law enforcement agencies to keep an eye on the enemy in order not to miss anything, “We must know about all their movements near the state border of Belarus... As I am reported, everything is under control. Thank God. Moreover, I would like to hear today what problematic issues in law enforcement agencies are becoming particularly acute, and not only in terms of ensuring the country’s military security.”