Posted: 29.05.2024 12:21:31

Lukashenko about his vacation: change in daily routine

During his conversation with employees of the Legmash plant in Orsha today, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke of how and where he usually spends a vacation


Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that, in the generally accepted understanding, he cannot go on vacation like everyone else, “The Belarusian President cannot holiday, since he has no vice president, no deputy. Wherever the President of Belarus is, he cannot transfer his powers under the Constitution. Therefore, there is no vacation in the generally accepted sense. I view vacation as a change of situation and circumstances, a change in daily routine. I cannot imagine myself sunbathing somewhere on the beach. I was born in the village, and I have not been accustomed to this since childhood. It is not my [way of spending free time]. I need to do something. As for my favourite places, it is Orsha.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that he has many childhood memories associated with his native places, and he enjoys spending his free time there.

The President noted that he visits many countries by profession, but always returns to his homeland with joy. Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced that Belarus is a unique country with favourable climate that makes it possible to enjoy all seasons of the year.

“There is nothing better than Belarus. We have everything – so take care of it. We must save this together, including for our children,” the Head of State noted.