Posted: 02.02.2023 16:32:00

Lugina: about 70% of Bellegprom’s produce supplied to foreign market

About 70 percent of Bellegprom’s production is supplied to the foreign market – as noted by Bellegprom Chairwoman Tatiana Lugina in an interview with the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House

“Export has always been a priority for the concern’s enterprises. About 70 percent of the production is supplied to the foreign market. Despite the fact that over the past ten months Belarus has underdelivered a large amount of products to the markets of Ukraine, the European Union and America, it has been compensated. We have underdelivered $30m of goods in equivalent to these markets. This is a significant figure, but we reimbursed the amount by supplying our goods to the market of Russia and the countries of the Asian region. We not only reimbursed it, but also exceeded it by $16m in equivalent. The rate of shipment to the Asian region is 158 percent. This suggests that the very situation has forced us to move differently, think differently and communicate with colleagues in a different way. A difficult time is a window of opportunity,” Tatiana Lugina underlined.

According to her, the main sales market is Russia. Belarusian companies have been present at it for a long time, enjoying well-deserved popularity among buyers. Therefore, in 2022, the export of Bellegprom enterprises to the Russian Federation increased by a third.

“As far as other areas are concerned, e.g., we have significantly increased the volume of deliveries to Asian markets. The growth rate was 137 percent. We increased our presence in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. A new market to which we have not supplied before is Tajikistan. Our exports to India increased many times, deliveries to China increased four times – due to finished leather. We also think about Africa,” she added.