Posted: 08.07.2022 16:48:00

Lithuanian authorities won’t agree to green corridors for transit of goods to Kaliningrad

The Lithuanian authorities will not agree to the establishment of green corridors on the territory of the country, through which the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad Region of Russia will be possible – as stated by the adviser to the Lithuanian president Asta Skaisgirytė, TASS reports with reference to local media


According to Ms. Skaisgirytė, an important role in this issue belongs to the control of what cargoes pass through the territory of Lithuania. “It is necessary not only to prohibit the transit of goods from the sanctions list, but also to control. The moment of control must remain in place, and when someone speaks in public about ‘green corridors’, there can be no talking about Lithuania not controlling what is happening on its territory,” chief foreign policy adviser to Lithuanian president underlined.

She added that the decision to ban transit is due to the general restrictions of the EU. “Lithuania is implementing European sanctions, this is an issue of European regulation. This is not a matter for Lithuania and Kaliningrad, but a matter for the EU and Russia,” Skaisgirytė said.

Last month, Lithuania announced that it was stopping the passage of Russian cargoes subject to sanctions through its territory to the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation. This restriction affected both the railway and road freight transport. The authorities of the Kaliningrad Region, as a reaction to the situation, proposed to introduce a ban on the import and export of goods to Russia through the Baltic State.