Posted: 04.02.2022 17:26:00

Lithuania might destroy its own logistics industry

By taking measures against Belarus, Lithuania will strangle its own logistics industry – as stated by political expert Aleksei Dzermant in his talk with Alfa Radio

“We need to bring our neighbours – who seem to believe they are heavenly beings and can decide our destinies as well – to their senses. We cannot allow them to do this, so we will give a mirror-like response. It seems to me that Belarus has more opportunities to direct its transit somewhere; we are not as isolated as Lithuania, for example. If they fail to receive cargo from our state – and they already receive almost nothing from Russia – then their transit industry will stop. Who will need the Klaipeda Port?.. Their own logistics industry will be strangled as a result,” Mr. Dzermant noted.

The political expert believes Belarus will solve the issue related to transit of its potash fertilisers. Russia will also render assistance. “We have mutual understanding with Russia. If necessary, political mechanisms will be involved, and I am convinced these will yield result,” Mr. Dzermant explained. “I am not worried about the fate of our transit, in particular potash fertilisers. We do not face a hopeless situation, while Lithuania’s state of affairs is much worse since it has no opportunity to bypass the territory of Belarus or Russia.”

“Our appliance of mirror-like methods towards Lithuania indicates that we are confident about our abilities. The thing is that when they are openly getting impudent, we cannot accept this indifferently. We have to respond – and we are doing so,” the expert added.