Posted: 21.04.2022 15:13:00

Lithuania fulfilled EU conditions, and what results

Lithuania was very eager to join the European Union. The country agreed to a number of conditions: i.e. it closed the Ignalina nuclear power plant and refused the national currency. Was it the right move?

“We were then told: you will invest one Euro and will later get three,” documentary filmmaker, journalist Kazimieras Juraitis – who has come to Belarus to participate in a neighbourhood forum – commented.

“Common sense did not work then… Those coming to Belarus can see a really socially oriented state; it is focused on a person and is aimed at the people. In turn, what a focus does Lithuania have? It probably focuses on a pro-Nazi, pro-fascist regime – which is called, for example, liberal. These are double standards... By the way, the Ukrainian flag is now being raised even in the Sejm, while the Ukrainian language is used to teach schoolchildren. Refugees are another point. That is, it seems not Lithuania, but Ukraine already – moreover, not in good sense. All these pro-Nazi tendencies are being brought to us,” the Lithuanian guest added.

Along with the above-mentioned tendencies, Azov battalion fighters are also coming, and there are rumours that these people will be taught how to handle military hardware in Lithuania.

Mr. Juraitis commented on the above-said, noting, “This is very disturbing news. True, plans were announced to train the Ukrainian army, the Azov fighters in our country. How many of them will come? How many of them will later stay [in Lithuania]? We can only guess: will they arrange a Maidan or kill us – those who disagree – here? The ‘elites’ do not want to dirty their hands, but they can use someone else's to do this job.”