Posted: 09.01.2023 16:03:00

Lithuania forced to dispose of 1.2m doses of coronavirus vaccine

Lithuania had to dispose of about 1.2m doses of coronavirus vaccine, because the country failed to persuade its citizens to actively get jabbed, Vakaro Žinios reports


Not so many people reside in Lithuania: just 2.840m. Therefore, the amount of COVID-19 vaccine purchased earlier turned out to be excessive.

As noted by the Seimas deputy, Mindaugas Puidokas, Lithuanians had to dispose of a huge batch of the drug, as many as 1.2m expired doses. In addition, this spring – when 10-200 people were vaccinated against coronavirus a day, the government decided to allocate another 28m Euros to buy the vaccine.

"It was obvious that, at such rates of vaccination, it would not be possible to use the drug whose shelf life is quite limited until the end of the year, but the Cabinet of Ministers still made that strange decision," Mr. Puidokas said.