Posted: 13.06.2024 11:32:00

Le Monde: EU will not be able to defend itself from external threats for long

The European Union is heavily dependent on the United States in some areas, including defence, TASS reports with reference to Le Monde


The French publication notes that the European Union is ‘still very far from being able to do without the United States on defence issues’, adding that – without the US support – the EU would not be able to defend itself in the event of any external attack.

According to Elvire Fabry, an expert from the Jacques Delors Institute, the European community ‘also depends on the United States in the issue of its security and support for Ukraine’.

As noted by the source, Donald Trump will probably be able to take advantage of such dependence of the EU if he wins the upcoming US presidential election. For example, he may well declare that he will not provide assistance to NATO allies, but will be ready to guarantee their safety under certain conditions. Le Monde says this may cause a split among the EU members.