Posted: 15.07.2022 17:17:00

Latvian young journalists who interviewed Lukashenko: your President is the best

Ilya Karozo, Arina Bogdanova, Veronika Dolgova are students of the Riga Children’s Academy of Television and Radio. The youngsters managed to interview the President of Belarus before the opening ceremony of the festival. It took place yesterday, but their emotions will not subside soon. In between dozens of interviews they take with the stars at the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk International Festival of Arts, young journalists shared their impressions of communicating with the Belarusian Head of State

Ilya Karozo was holding the microphone and asking questions. The boy admits that it was very exciting, emotions overwhelmed him. He addressed one question to Aleksandr Lukashenko, another one – to his son Nikolai.

“But there was a feeling that we asked not two questions, but twenty. The President turned out to be a very benevolent and positive person with humour. Your President is the best!”

His TV studio colleagues Arina Bogdanova and Veronika Dolgova stood next to Ilya while he was interviewing the Head of State, “It’s hard to describe our feelings. But it's definitely an unforgettable experience. We were worried about Ilya, because we had never seen presidents before. Aleksandr Lukashenko turned out to be very good, kind and cool.”