Posted: 11.03.2022 13:29:00

Latvian transit may cease to exist, entrepreneurs assert

Against the background of Russia's special operation in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by the European Union, Latvian transit has approached a red line. Representatives of the cargo transportation industry shared their views with


Entrepreneurs called what is happening now a catastrophe, adding that these are the last weeks they are working. A similar situation is developing on the railway.

“What is coming now in terms of transportation is a disaster,” Alexander Cherkasov, a member of the Board of the Latvijas Auto Association, stressed.

Latvian companies engaged in cargo transportation are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. There is practically nothing to carry across the eastern border due to sanctions restrictions: a 140-page document catalogues the prohibited goods.

“Figuratively speaking, Latvijas Auto was established as a business for carriers servicing third countries: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Apparently, we will not be able to work at all soon,” Mr. Cherkasov added.