Posted: 01.03.2024 17:55:11

Latvian security forces beat up Syrian refugee and pushed him to Belarus

On February 29th, Belarusian border guards found a refugee from Syria in an emaciated state near an animal gate in the Latvian border fence, who became a victim of brutality by the security forces of the Baltic Republic, reports with reference to the Telegram channel of the State Border Committee

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Belarusian border guards immediately called medics, who promptly assisted the man.

The Syrian said that Latvian security forces detained him. Despite the fact that the man did not offer any resistance and asked for help, the military severely beat him, hitting him on the head, stomach and back. After that, the helpless refugee was taken to the border and pushed into Belarusian territory through an animal gate. 

According to the State Border Committee, the man was taken to the Braslav Central District Hospital with numerous haematomas and frostbite on the toes of both feet. 

“Undisguised violence, bullying and indifference to the suffering of refugees by European security forces have led to the deaths of 44 foreigners since 2021: 22 refugees on the border with Poland, 13 and 9 with Latvia and Lithuania, respectively,” the border agency noted.