Posted: 18.01.2024 14:24:00

Latvia to spend about 2.4% of GDP on defence in 2024

Latvia intends to spend about 2.4 percent of its GDP on defence this year, TASS reports with reference to Politico


Latvian Foreign Minister Krisjanis Karins said that the Government will invest about 2.4 percent of GDP in defence in 2024. Meanwhile, in July 2023, he announced plans to increase the level of defence spending to 3 percent of GDP, not waiting for 2027.

Mr. Karins also stated that the post of NATO Secretary General has been held by representatives of different countries for many years. According to him, now is the time for countries such as Latvia, which has been a member of NATO for almost twenty years.

According to the publication, the politician earlier expressed a desire to lead the North Atlantic Alliance.