Posted: 24.06.2022 12:24:00

Kuleba: Ukraine may discuss pre-February 24th borders with Russia

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba admitted that establishment of the ‘pre-February 24th’ borders could be discussed with Russia in his talk with La Repubblica, TASS reports


Speaking of whether Kiev is ready to discuss the ‘pre-February 24th’ borders with Moscow refusing to return to the state of 1991, the diplomat noted that it would not be very reasonable for him to disclose the Ukrainian terms of negotiations with Russia, but each point could be a subject for talk.

Mr. Kuleba added that ‘the way to achieve peace’ should be discussed by the presidents of Ukraine and Russia. When asked whether the offer of a meeting between Zelenskyy and Putin remains in force, he replied, "Of course. Everything is in force."

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister also admitted that the Russian Federation surpasses Ukraine in military power, and the weapons supplied by the West ‘are not enough even to stabilise the front in Donbass’. “Russia is stronger," he stated.