Posted: 09.11.2023 12:06:00

Kravtsov: Belarus working above world average in the field of agriculture

In modern conditions, the agricultural market is developing dynamically and mastering new technologies for production, processing and storage of products. Belarus fully provides its population and agro-industrial complex with food and raw materials of its own production, and the successful diversification of foreign markets opens up new opportunities for exports. Sergei Kravtsov, a member of the Standing Committee on Agrarian Policy of the House of Representatives, told us how farmers are coping with these tasks this year.

“In 1993-1994, the total grain output in Belarus was only about 3.5m tonnes. This year, about 9.5m tonnes were threshed, including about 1m tonnes of rapeseed, we’ve set a record for this crop. During a working trip to the Mogilev Region in June 2022, President Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that rapeseed means money for peasants, since even during the period of sanctions Europe is asking for rapeseed, so it is necessary to reach a million tonnes. We’ve reached this figure due to a wise approach and the improvement of technology. A record result for corn was also achieved: about 2.5m tonnes. This is despite all the concerns caused by the drought in May and June. Having fully met the needs of the domestic market, we are also expanding export supplies of agricultural products – 8 percent up compared to the results of 2022, which was a record year from the financial point of view ($8.5bn in export earnings). Today we’re working above the world average in the field of agriculture,” noted Sergei Kravtsov.