Posted: 01.10.2021 20:46:00

Kochanova: women of Belarus and Russia need to unite to jointly solve global problems

The Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, Natalya Kochanova, has met with a delegation of Russia’s Union of Women

Active women of Russia have come to Belarus – on the eve of the 3rd Eurasian Women's Forum scheduled to be held on October 13th-15th in St. Petersburg – with a return visit and concrete proposals for co-operation.

Ms. Kochanova noted that Belarus is now actively preparing for this important event and assured all those present that she would attend it as well. “I’m happy that our organisations enjoy such good relations. At today’s meeting with the Head of State, we talked about the role of civil society – which is primarily our public associations. Therefore, it is very important that co-operation between women of our countries is developing today. Ladies can do a lot. I always say: we can do anything. We need simply to unite our efforts to jointly solve the global tasks which our countries and women face now,” she said.

The Speaker reminded that Belarus opened that day with a sad event: the country was paying its last respects to a KGB serviceman – a young officer, a patriot of his land. “You should get first-hand information of what is happening in our country and on the external contour of Belarus. You have already seen how Belarus lives today. You know how we always lived. However, in 2020, we faced a serious trouble. I won't call it anything else. It was unexpected for us in many ways. I sometimes woke up and thought: was I really in Belarus? At present, these forces that influence our country are doing everything to destabilise the situation inside Belarus – to break and simply tear apart our country. There is no doubt about it,” she noted.

However, according to Ms. Kochanova, Belarus stood up then and will stand up further. She thanked our Russian brothers for their support and added, “We were in need of this support then and need it now – when roadmaps are being signed and when there is joint movement within the framework of integration processes between our countries. It is very important.”

In turn, Yelena Kalinina, the Rector of the St. Petersburg Socio-Economic Institute, the Chairperson of the St. Petersburg regional branch of Russia’s Union of Women – Women’s Alliance, expressed solidarity with Ms. Kochanova’s position. She informed that their organisation aims to develop friendly international relations between companies and people. Last year, a co-operation agreement was signed with the Union of Women of Belarus and a range of events is planned as part of it.

“We have a constructive dialogue, talking about the future,” Ms. Kalinina said. “We discuss the factors which need to be removed or created to ensure effective co-operation of Russian and Belarusian women. We have brought our Women of Russia and Belarus: Mission of Creation project and it seems to me that – in contrast to all these protest actions, distortion of our history and attempts to destroy the good attitude and respect for each other – we want to present our desire to co-operate. We are discussing certain measures, exhibitions, conferences. We are creating conditions for co-operation between companies. With this in view, our delegation includes businessmen and heads of business associations.”