Posted: 10.07.2024 14:00:00

Kochanova told First Lady of Nigeria how Belarus changed over 30 years of Lukashenko’s presidency

On July 10th, Belarus is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the institution of presidency. At a meeting with the First Lady of Nigeria, Oluremi Tinubu, Chairperson of the Council of the Republic Natalya Kochanova told the foreign guest what difficulties Belarus had to face three decades ago and what role Aleksandr Lukashenko played in the preservation and development of Belarus.

“Thirty years ago, we had banditry,” Natalya Kochanova noted. “The Soviet Union collapsed, and we were on the verge of collapse, but our country was lucky, since we had the person who took the country away from the abyss. We’re lucky to have such a national leader. Today we understand this. In a short period in the history of our country – just over 30 years – Belarus has become a highly developed country with remarkable human potential. Our President lives by the problems of his country and his people.”

The Speaker of the Council of the Republic expressed confidence that the Head of State is ready to share advice and assistance at any moment in order to continue to develop good relations between Belarus and Nigeria.

“You should know that you have good friends in Belarus. We’re united by the desire for peace, patriotic education of young people, and support for families raising children. We have a socially oriented state. Therefore, of course, healthcare, education, and culture are all the priorities of our state policy today,” Natalya Kochanova underlined.