Posted: 02.10.2023 12:48:00

Kochanova: people who’re concerned about their country should come to Parliament and local Councils of Deputies

People who are concerned about the problems of their country should come to Parliament and local Councils of Deputies, Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly Natalya Kochanova told reporters after her meeting with the President of Belarus


She noted that there is very little time left until the start of the election campaign. This time there will be a completely new format for holding elections: a single voting day.

“This is a crucial period in the life of our country,” Natalya Kochanova underlined. “We will elect deputies at all levels: from rural councils to the Council of the Republic. First of all, today local authorities should actively work in this direction. We see our role in the fact that people who are concerned about their country, about the life of their country, should come to the House of Representatives, the Council of the Republic, and local Councils of Deputies. If you are ready for such work, for the fact that it will be very difficult, you must take responsibility for those people who will vote for you. This means living with them, with their problems, joys, visiting labour teams, meeting people, holding receptions for citizens. Overall, this is a huge responsibility.”