Posted: 16.10.2023 16:36:00

Kenya showed first tanker of its own production

Kenya’s first cargo ship, the MV Uhuru II, was launched on Lake Victoria in the presence of the country’s President William Ruto, with the corresponding information shared by the NTV channel, TASS reports


According to NTV, the vessel with a carrying capacity of 1,800 tonnes, designed to transport oil and other cargo, was built at the Kenya Shipyards Ltd. in partnership with the Dutch company Damen Shipyards. Construction costs reached 2.4bn Kenyan Shillings (at least $16m). The name of the ship is translated from Swahili as ‘freedom’.

Moreover, the TV channel noted that Kenya has now become a pioneer in shipbuilding in East and Central Africa, which makes it possible to transport fuel to other countries in the region. The managing director of the Kenyan shipyard said it would take ten hours for the ship to reach neighbouring Uganda and Tanzania.

As planned, the ship is expected to complement the MV Uhuru I which had a capacity of 1,260 tonnes and was delivered in Kenya in 1966 by the Scottish Yarrow Shipbuilders.