Posted: 20.03.2023 14:38:00

Karayev named important difference between Belarus and Poland

The Polish leadership believes that since Poles live on the territory of Belarus, then our country can be made a springboard for the realisation of its long-standing dream – a state ‘from sea to sea’. But we, Belarusians, never stick out or humiliate other nations – as noted by Belarus President’s Aide – Inspector for Grodno Region Yuri Karayev, during his talk with ONT TV channel.

ONT video screenshot

The official said that the expression ‘Poland from sea to sea’ has already become a meme and a popular phrase. According to the former Interior Minister, the Poles have not abandoned these dreams for centuries.

“While we were sorting out after the collapse of the Soviet Union with our statehood and deciding on many things, they continued to press this agenda. In their opinion, since Poles live on the territory of Belarus, then our country can be made a springboard for the realisation of their long-standing dream of wringing out the western territory of Belarus. In addition, they propagate the thesis that Polish culture is superior to the rest. It is also said that the Polish language is superior while the Belarusian language is slavish. All this was gradually implanted and slowly preached,” the speaker noted.

He drew a parallel with how our country builds its politics, “Our republic will never, in any matters, stick out another nationality. Let me explain with my own example. My nationality did not prevent me from reaching the heights in the Interior Ministry, starting with a lieutenant. And it never touched any nationality: Russians, Poles, Tatars, etc. I have hundreds of examples before my eyes. Our personnel selection system does not have any prohibitions against foreigners.”

Karayev added that in 2020, external forces tried to shake up the situation in Belarus both on religious and national grounds. But our state behaves very wisely, which never gets involved in such disputes, but calmly pursues its personnel policy, in which career growth is possible for all sensible, able-bodied and working foreigners.

“There has never been and never will be that a Belarusian was nominated, and a Pole was pushed back,” he summed up.