Posted: 13.10.2021 16:21:00

Karanik met with Grodno Medical University students

The Grodno State Medical University hosted a dialogue platform with participation of the Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee, Vladimir Karanik, to discuss development trends of Grodno and the region in coming years, including in the field of medicine, fight against coronavirus and improvement of the education system

“When setting priorities in development, we need to be guided by the economy,” Mr. Karanik said. “So far, the regional budget is demonstrating a surplus, with 14 percent more financial receipts registered in H1 against last year figures. This enables us not only to fully meet our social obligations but also to increase spending on strengthening the material and technical base, including in the healthcare system. Construction and reconstruction of medical facilities will continue and modern equipment will be bought. For example, instead of Grodno’s outdated hospital No.2, a new one will be built – close to city’s hospital No.4. As a result, a small cluster will be created so that the two medical institutions can pool their resources.”

Bridges over the Nieman River also cause much discussion. In August, the new Eastern Bridge was opened and three more are to be revamped in the coming future.

Meetings of the kind are already traditional for students of Grodno universities.  Young people meet with the region’s heads to communicate, ask questions and learn of officials’ plans first-hand – which is very important.