Posted: 20.03.2023 13:26:00

Kalmykia Head outlined promising areas of co-operation with Belarus: agriculture, construction, tourism

The Belarus-Kalmykia trade turnover is growing, but the potential for economic co-operation is even greater, covering agriculture, construction, and tourism – as noted by the Head of the Republic of Kalmykia, Batu Khasikov, commenting on the results of his today’s meeting with the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko


In particular, Mr. Khasikov noted that his conversation with the Head of State was very constructive and sincere, especially since there is already a foundation for bilateral relations. Although the trade turnover between the parties is growing, the potential needs to be increased. “What do we want to focus on today? This is primarily agriculture. We are actively developing both animal husbandry and crop production, and – in order to progress here effectively – agricultural machinery is needed. It so happened that two-thirds [of the volume] of our agricultural machinery have come from Belarus, and the task of its modernisation and maintenance is acute now. In this regard, Aleksandr Grigorievich [Lukashenko] supported us, so we will work," he said.

Mr. Khasikov also commented on the Kalmyk experience in the agro-industrial complex, which can be useful to Belarus. In particular, the Institute of Genetics operates on the basis of the Kalmyk State University, successfully overseeing embryos of farmed animals. In addition, the republic is proud of its national breeds that are resistant to various climatic conditions and diseases. “We could strengthen our co-operation in this sphere,” the Russian guest said.

Mr. Khasikov also drew attention to interaction in construction, “Accommodation, social facilities and roads are now actively being built in Kalmykia, while Belarus has modern technologies and human resources. We have agreed that we will send our students to study here. In addition, three powerful modernised cement plants operate in Belarus, and we need this material. Why shouldn't we be useful to each other here?!”

Tourism can be another direction for mutually beneficial co-operation, according to Mr. Khasikov. “Over the past two years, the tourist flow has increased sixfold in our republic. We have unique places, such as the Black Lands federal reserve; we are restoring the number of saigas there. Kalmykia is a Buddhist region, but it is located in the European part of Russia, so it is interesting for our guests to get acquainted with a unique culture,” he added.