Posted: 17.01.2022 16:52:00

Joint Russia-Belarus exercises named Allied Resolve 2022

Pavel Muraveiko, the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus – Head of the Main Operational Command, has shared information on the forthcoming Belarus-Russia military exercises following his meeting with the President today

“Jointly with our Russian colleagues, we will conduct a snap exercise of the Union State’s response forces and means. We are not disclosing the details of what will be subject to testing. At the same time, at the final stage of this campaign, a joint military exercise – Allied Resolve 2022 – will be held. It has been approved by the President today. The composition of participating forces and terms of the exercises will be clarified in the course of the campaign. Given that this is a snap exercise, the composition will be augmented.”

Speaking of the necessity in such manoeuvres, Mr. Muraveiko drew attention to the situation on Belarus’ external borders, “Militarisation of countries continues in Europe, while military activity is enhancing. The grouping of NATO’s operations Enhanced Forward Presence and Atlantic Resolve alone includes more than 12,000 American soldiers deployed in Europe – not to mention tanks, field artillery guns, airplanes and helicopters. About 300 different military personnel from NATO countries, as well as six-eight F-16 or F-35 aircraft are involved in a mission to protect the Baltic States’ airspace. This cannot but alarm us since this grouping is enough today to unleash and provoke any international conflict.”

Mr. Muraveiko added that a resonant provocation – caused by the so-called migration crisis – is also continuing. “Within the framework of this activity alone, more than 20,000 military personnel have been deployed in Poland, in the territory of our neighbouring states, including 15,000 of the ground forces. There are more than 12,000 military personnel in the Baltic States: representatives of the army, police and border service. More than thirty-two camps already stationed in the immediate vicinity of our border, and these servicemen perform unknown tasks there. It is no coincidence that I have named these events a resonant provocation. A military threat or a migration crisis threat have nothing to do with the processes that are taking place now. Guided by a desire to demonstrate its need for Europe, the level of responsibility to European countries and its financial investments in ensuring security in Europe, Poland is deploying as many military personnel there as possible, using and demonstrating its potential. The number of migrants in no way affects the number of servicemen deployed there. Moreover, heavy weapons, guns, armoured vehicles were transported there. For what reason? To fight migrants? This is illogical and contradicts the common sense. There is some deeper approach here. It is about demonstration of their willingness to perform certain tasks. Which ones? Only provocative ones. I see nothing else here, and I can't assess it differently,” he stated.

According to Mr. Muraveiko, deployment of a full-scale combat service support system for the US forces and means on the territory of Poland has been announced today. “Speaking simply, when a hostess plans to welcome guests, she is preparing her house and kitchen. Accordingly, combat service support envisages preparations for deployment of larger-scale groups which should be provided with fuel and food and which will carry out certain actions. Whether we want it or not, people need to eat, equipment needs to be refuelled, and shells need to be replenished. With this in view, the combat service support system is nothing else than advance preparation for some large-scale actions that can be provoked, including against our servicemen and against our borders,” he explained.

Mr. Muraveiko also commented on Ukraine’s actions, “As part of the Polesie operation, more than 10,000 military personnel have been deployed close to our border. The buildup of this grouping continues, and it is unclear for us for what reason. This raises concerns and requires an objective response from us. This response will be absolutely adequate and transparent.”