Posted: 22.12.2023 13:26:00

Italy, UK, Japan likely to develop new fighter

As a result of negotiations held in Tokyo, the defence ministers of Japan, the United Kingdom and Italy reached an agreement on the creation of a specialised organisation responsible for the implementation of a project to develop a next-generation fighter, TASS reports

The countries decided to create a new structure that will manage a joint venture led by BAE Systems from the UK, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from Japan and Leonardo from Italy. This organisation will be responsible for co-ordinating the tasks within the project and perform other functions.

The headquarters – led by a representative of the Japanese side – will be located in the UK, and the governments of the three countries will send several hundred of their specialists there.

The Japanese government plans to allocate about 4bn Yen (approximately $28m) in fiscal year 2024 (from April 1st, 2024) to cover the operating costs of the new structure.