Posted: 30.11.2023 16:15:00

Italian railway workers go on strike after another accident

Italian railway workers are going on strike to protest unsafe working conditions, TASS reports


It is noted that the reason for the strike was another accident that occurred on the railway in the southern region of Calabria a few days ago, when a train collided with a truck at a crossing, resulting in the deaths of the train conductor and the truck driver.

In a joint statement, the trade unions representing the interests of railway workers who went on strike noted that ‘for years they have been pointing out the unsafety of crossings, demanding to replace them with more modern infrastructure facilities, eliminating the danger of such incidents’. Trade unions also note the general ‘fragility of the railway system’, which does not guarantee workers’ safety. In late summer, five railway workers have died after being hit by a train during overnight maintenance. The tragedy occurred due to a lack of co-ordination between services.