Posted: 10.11.2022 17:04:00

Israel diplomat: importantly, Belarus cherishes the Holocaust memory

Zvi Mirkin, the Charge d'Affaires of Israel in Belarus, visited the Brest Region

The diplomat has been in office for only 3.5 months, and this has become his first official visit outside Minsk.

The Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, Yuri Shuleyko, warmly welcomed the guest and informed him on the economic, cultural and tourist potential of the region. At the moment, four Jewish national and cultural public associations are registered in the area, and a Jewish school operates in Pinsk.

The parties discussed the construction of a memorial in Bronnaya Gora (Bereza District). Here, one of the largest burial sites of civilians killed during the war, most of whom are of Jewish nationality, is located. An architectural design of the future memorial is ready.

Mr. Mirkin noted that the regional authorities pay considerable attention to the preservation of the memory of the victims of Nazism, “Importantly, the memory of the Holocaust is cherished in Belarus. This is the answer to all those who planned and carried out the destruction of the Jewish people. The idea of creating a memorial in Bronnaya Gora is definitely welcomed. We have already visited Domachevo in the Brest Region and its local school, which took patronage over the burial place of ghetto prisoners.”

The diplomat also visited the Brest Hero Fortress memorial complex and a number of Brest enterprises.