Posted: 01.02.2024 18:23:36

Isachenko discussed the creation of joint enterprises in Hunan Province with the Chinese delegation

Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Anatoly Isachenko met with a delegation from Hunan Province of the People's Republic of China. The partners arrived in Mogilev to discuss the vector of bilateral co-operation, as well as to get acquainted with the potential of the city's processing enterprises. The parties also considered the establishment of joint dairy production in China

Anatoly Isachenko at the meeting with the delegation of Hunan Province noted that the People's Republic of China is one of the strategic partners for the Mogilev Region.

“The result of our joint work over the last ten years is a three-fold increase in trade turnover. The co-operation between the Mogilev Region and Hunan Province is successfully developing. Since the signing of the Agreement on Establishment of Co-operation, the interaction has grown into a trustful, comprehensive and strategic partnership. Co-operation at the level of Mogilev and Changsha cities is actively developing. The citizens of Mogilev highly appreciated the quality of electric buses transferred to the city by Hunan Province. We are interested in further development of relations.”

By the way, the partnership has prospects and specific projects. At the moment, the issue of establishing a joint processing enterprise in China together with Babushkina Krynka JSC and Hunan Baifei Dairy Co. Ltd is under consideration. At the first stage, the possibility of producing drinking yoghurts, ice cream and cheese from the holding's raw materials is being considered with the development of the relevant technology. The next stage will be the creation of a joint enterprise and a joint brand.

“The dairy holding has experience in the Chinese market, and it is important for us to develop further. The joint enterprise is an important step, which opens up opportunities for both parties. Mogilev Regional Executive Committee is ready to ensure comprehensive support to this project. Babushkina Krynka JSC signed an agreement with the Chinese party to establish a joint enterprise in Changsha, Hunan Province. This is a new step in the development of our relations. We are moving from selling products to establishing a joint enterprise. We will supply raw materials and together with our Chinese partners produce a product that will be sold in the People's Republic of China. At the first stage it will be ice cream, cheese and yoghurt. I guess, this is a good commercial offer from both sides,” added Anatoly Isachenko.

Eduard Oreshko, General Director of Babushkina Krynka JSC, in his turn, noted that the signing of the co-operation document will contribute to the development of the enterprise in the Chinese market, “Our Chinese partners are interested in our products and technologies. This is very important from the point of view of the development of Belarus' enterprise and business in China. The preliminary negotiations have led to the fact that we will make our first visit to China, where we will assess the production capacities of our partners, the technological efficiency of the equipment that is already available, the ability of our raw materials to work at that site, and the grade of the final product. We will also examine the production site, which is now ready for the creation of a completely new production enterprise from the strategic perspective of the joint enterprise between Belarus and China.”