Posted: 31.12.2021 11:57:00

IOC assured Beijing Olympics to be held safely

Anti-COVID restrictions at the upcoming Winter Olympics will enable the Games to be held safely – as was announced by the press service of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), TASS informs


Answering the question about possible repetition during the Olympic Games of the resonant situation with the World Junior Hockey Championship, which was stopped at the height of the group stage, the International Olympic Committee noted that they – together with their Chinese partners – are working hard to ensure safety at the Games. Based on the best scientific advice, the manuals are designed to deal with ever changing situation with COVID-19. “We draw on the experience of other international sport events, including the success of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo and the current anti-coronavirus policy in China,” said the International Olympic Committee.

They also added that pre-flight testing, vaccination policies, a ‘closed cycle’ system and regular on-site testing are vital elements that will ensure a safe multisport forum.

The Olympic Games in Beijing will be held from February 4th-20th.