Posted: 11.02.2022 16:37:00

Interior Minister: operational situation under control in Belarus

According to Belarus’ Interior Minister, complete control over an operational situation in the country is ensured


While addressing the participants of a seminar-meeting focusing on the preparation for a nationwide referendum – held in Mogilev today, the Interior Minister noted, “An operational situation in the country is under complete control, and any prerequisites for unauthorised mass events, attempts to go to the streets are out of the question at the moment. Destructive forces are now only able to leave comments on the Internet. Therefore, we have full control over the situation, and no questions arise,” Mr. Kubrakov said.

According to the Interior Minister, security measures for election commission members began to be taken three months before the referendum. Attempt were made to gather information and discredit these people and their families. Criminal cases are being investigated for certain acts and, in some situations, a preventive conversation was organised.

As for ensuring public order during the referendum, law enforcement bodies will be on duty at all polling stations, and officers will accompany election commission members in case of home voting.

“Security will also be ensured in the territories adjacent to the polling stations. At least four operational groups will guard each district. Officers of these mobile groups will be fully equipped and armed in case an emergency occurs,” Mr. Kubrakov informed.