Posted: 07.02.2023 13:50:00

In 2022, MMZ exports to African countries more than doubled compared to 2021

Based on the results of work in 2022, the exports of the Minsk Motor Works to African countries more than doubled compared to 2021, when over $200,000 of engines and spare parts were delivered to this continent. This year, the Minsk Motor Works also plans to increase the export of supplies within the framework of the agreements reached during the visit of a government delegation to Zimbabwe.

In 2022, the factory increased the production of engines by more than 11 percent. Last year, all established key performance indicators were completely met. The growth rate of output volumes in actual prices stood at 141.2 percent. Sales of products did not lag behind their production, and the efficiency of the use of financial resources increased significantly. Applications of all major consumers for certain product groups, such as small engines, increased by 2.5 times compared to the previous year. Production, people and capacities of the enterprise adequately coped with the increased volumes, completely satisfying the needs of consumers. MMZ produced over 50,000 engines in 2022. The work efficiency ensured by the efforts of the team enabled to increase wages in 2022, which increased by almost 22 percent compared to the previous year.

Investments in the development of fixed assets totalled almost Br24.5m. Moreover, unique technological equipment was purchased, which will enable to speed up the process of creating new products.