Posted: 04.08.2022 13:01:00

Import substitution actively developing in Great Stone Park

Belarus is paying great attention to import substitution issues, and the Belarus-China Great Stone Industrial Park is actively working along this avenue – as noted by the Head of Great Stone Administration, Aleksandr Yaroshenko, in his talk with the ONT TV channel

Mr. Yaroshenko reminded that Chinese partners had built several factories in Belarus in the field of mechanical engineering. "When we talk about mechanical engineering, everyone means traditional sectors of the economy and a certain type of economic activity. So what else can be further developed there? However, Belarus – though being an assembly shop of the former Soviet Union – had no competence to produce engines for the Minsk Automobile Plant’s heavy-duty vehicles. At present, these engines are produced and assembled domestically. Moreover, they are made according to Euro-5, Euro-6 standards – also including transmissions and gearboxes. This plant is now in demand for our economy, and it gives an impetus to development. In fact, this is import substitution,” he explained.

"Minskers and residents of other countries already use electric transport produced by Belkommunmash – though not many of them probably know that our company received this impetus by using a super condenser produced by the first manufacturer that launched its production in the Great Stone Park. Import substitution is an integral and key line that is developing in the Great Stone Park," Mr. Yaroshenko added.

He also stressed that it is impossible to put an ‘iron curtain’ in trade, no matter how much someone may want this. “It is unreal in every sense of the word. Business works where it feels profitable, and it will find opportunities to implement its projects," Mr. Yaroshenko said.