Posted: 27.10.2021 11:49:00

Immunology and Allergology Centre to be established in Belarus

The Immunology and Allergology Centre will be established on the basis of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, following a decision made at the Bureau of the Presidium meeting – as informed by the Academy of Sciences’ press service

The Immunology and Allergology Centre will function as part of the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The new scientific structure will aim to ensure a comprehensive study of formation and functioning mechanisms of immunity of living organisms at a molecular and cellular level in normal and pathological conditions. It will also oversee development of innovative methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases related immune system disorders in the interests of medicine and agriculture.

The Centre will complement the Institute’s range of activities and will make it possible to perform fundamental research in the field of virology and creation of new vaccines at a high methodological level, while also solving complex scientific and practical tasks in the field of medicine, biology and agriculture.