Posted: 17.09.2021 11:51:00

Horror which attracts

Viy horror-show of Polesie Drama Theatre from Pinsk – directed by Pavel Marinich and based on Nikolai Gogol’s famous novel – was staged as part of the 25th Belaya Vezha International Theatre Festival in Brest to a full house

The spectacular performance – premiered in March last year – amazes with its strong acting, healthy humour and inventive directing. The Pinsk theatre fearlessly entered Gogol’s mystical world and succeeded. Having preserved the authentic intonations and historical entourage, the actors organically reincarnated into Gogol's characters, while remaining surprisingly modern and lively. Viy actually always tickles the audience's nerves but still has funny scenes. Mysticism and folklore here are interestingly combined with the authors’ self-irony and choreography.

“For us, Viy is a landmark performance. We’ve given our whole hearts and souls to it and are very happy to present our production at the Brest festival. It’s not our first time at Belaya Vezha and we hope to enjoy creative communication here. I guess all theatre-goers have missed it much during the pandemic,” Aleksandr Lukashenko, the Polesie Drama Theatre’s Director, notes.

Photos by Polesie Drama Theatre