Posted: 27.09.2021 15:49:00

Holiday for villagers

Dazhynki 2021 Harvest Festival held in Kopyl, Minsk Region

The town has been beautified for the celebrations as a result of major repairs. Building facades have been revamped, while streets and squares have been landscaped. Definitely, all works became a strong impetus for further development of the region.

“We feel honour and responsibility this day as we are welcoming guests. Everything possible has been done to ensure Kopyl residents and town guests feel comfortable our hospitable land. The agricultural sector is basic for the district's economy. Thanks to the unity, teamwork and professionalism of grain growers, we enjoy a rich harvest – thus contributing significantly to the Minsk Region’s yield,” the Chairman of the Kopyl District Executive Committee, Sergei Pilishchik, said.

Following the results of a nationwide competition for significant achievements in the field of agriculture, the Minsk Region was recognised as the winner.

A rich festive programme lasted until late in the evening, with diverse events and contests prepared for Dazhynki guests. Next year, the holiday of rural workers will be hosted by Stolbtsy, the Vitebsk Region.