Posted: 03.07.2022 20:30:00

Holder of Francysk Skaryna Order: Belarus has created all conditions for the development of musical culture

Today, at the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, during the solemn ceremony of awarding cultural workers, the Head of State presented the Order of Francysk Skaryna to Vadim Yakonyuk, Professor of the Department of Musical Pedagogy, History and Theory of Performing Arts at the Belarusian State Academy of Music


Talking to journalists, the Professor underlined the importance of the fact that the awards take place on Independence Day, “This is a very big holiday. Such a holiday cannot exist without culture, without art, without its representatives. This is the day when we celebrate not just our independence but when we remember our history. I think that such a holiday in any case reflects the continuity of generations, our memory and our outlook on the future. It is most important. This fills people with confidence and joy in the future.”

As a musician, he drew attention to the fact that in our country music, in all its forms, occupies a worthy place, “Because it is a special, non-verbal form of communication where no words are needed. Those who understand the language of music are very happy people. Raising people who can communicate in this language and understand it is a great happiness. All conditions have been created in our country for this sphere of culture and art to develop, and our young musicians are proof of that.”