Posted: 25.03.2023 11:00:00

Hockey teams of Belarus’ President and Dinamo Minsk held joint training session

The hockey team of the President of Belarus held a joint training session with the Dinamo Minsk squad, BelTA reports

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"Two teams – the most titled and the most famous ones – met on the ice! The President's team and Dinamo Minsk held a joint training session,” the Pul Pervogo Telegram channel posted.

The teams’ training was very dynamic, and they showed productive hockey. A hockey jersey with the team's autographs was presented to the Head of State. “That is, I still have a chance to play with Dinamo Minsk," the President smiled.

Aleksandr Lukashenko had a warm conversation with the Dinamo Minsk players and head coach Craig Woodcroft. "Dear President, thank you very much from all those present here. We are very grateful for everything you are doing for hockey," the head coach said.

"If managers in America and Canada did as much for hockey as we do, they would be in space. Meanwhile, you are still floundering in this playoff. We look forward to a real game from you next year!" Aleksandr Lukashenko said.