Posted: 16.09.2021 13:07:00

High level of quality

The exposition of Belarusian manufacturers — Made in Belarus — is presented at the Armenia Expo 2021 international exhibition, held in Yerevan

The exhibition is attended by eleven enterprises from Belarus, which demonstrate the best innovations, adapted to the preferences and needs of Armenian consumers.
The stand of the Belgospishcheprom Concern is the largest in the exhibition, with well-known Belarusian brands presenting their products: Slodych and Kommunarka confectionery factories, the Slutsk Sugar Refinery, as well as the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Belarus: Minsk Kristall Group Holding.
The Belarusian dairy industry at Armenia Expo is presented by the Slutsk Cheese-Making Plant and Kalinkovichi Dairy Plant. “The Slutsk Cheese-Making Plant is one of the largest dairy enterprises in Belarus, ranking second in the country for this parameter. The company is showcasing the goods of their ‘Yas Belous’ trademark: cheeses, milk powder and butter. These types of Belarusian products are traditionally in demand in the Caucasus; in 2020, they prevailed in the export of Belarusian products to Armenia, alongside cream and cottage cheese,” said Belinterexpo.
The products of the Kalinkovichi Dairy Plant are familiar to consumers in the CIS states, as well as Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In Armenia, the company presents products under the ‘Kalinka’ trademark: skimmed milk powder, whole dry milk, butter, dry whey, hard and semi-hard cheeses.
Manufacturers of agricultural machinery are also on display as part of the Made in Belarus exposition. In particular, the Gomselmash Holding is one of the leaders in the world market for harvesters and other complex agricultural machines. Meanwhile, two machines under the ‘Palesse’ brand have been operating in the fields of Armenia since last year.
Grodnooblselkhoztekhnika — a large producer of agricultural machinery in Belarus — also demonstrates its capabilities.
The Made in Belarus exposition is organised by the Belinterexpo enterprise of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the support of the Belarusian Embassy in Armenia.

By Ivan Sergeev