Posted: 21.09.2021 09:14:00

Healthy lifestyle promoted

Traditional Youth. Health. Lifestyle health week – timed to the beginning of a new academic year – has been launched in the Gomel Region, as informed by the Department of Public Health at the Gomel Regional Centre of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health


 The campaign aims to promote healthy lifestyle and enhance young people’s health literacy. Round table discussions, conferences, seminars, including in an online format, are scheduled until September 24th, with useful information distributed by the organisers in social networks. Moreover, hotlines operate for those wishing to get advice on healthy lifestyle issues.

According to Yana Milichenko, from the Gomel Regional Centre of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health, defective eyesight is a topical problem among pre-school and schoolchildren at present. This is much due to their abuse of gadgets. “We visit schools and kindergartens, teaching children the fundamentals of eye exercises, also explaining that a school-age child should devote to gadgets no more than 30 minutes a day. We also prepare videos for schools on how to save eyesight, talk to teachers so that they could inform parents: a child under two years old should not hold a gadget in his hands at all. Actually, it’s never too late to turn to healthy lifestyle, even at the age of 40! As part of our preventive project – Healthy Cities and Villages, we also offer lectures on proper nutrition. Many villagers are surprised to learn that their favourite marinades raise blood pressure due to a high salt content, so it is better to give preference to fresh vegetables and berries, or freeze them,” she explains.