Posted: 13.09.2021 12:53:00

Healthcare system most sensitive to economic sanctions

Indisputable truth is that economic well-being is an integral part of individual and public health. With this in view, any economic sanctions primarily affect socio-economic policy, while the healthcare system is perhaps the most sensitive area – believes Belarus’ Healthcare Minister, Dmitry Pinevich


“In recent years, the country has developed a system of high availability of medical care, while high technologies and protection of motherhood and childhood with the lowest infant mortality rate becoming our true calling card. These all require much money which has been allocated and will be invested in the future. New equipment and personnel training are resource-intensive: over the past five years, we have completely reconstructed 88 healthcare institution and, in the coming five years, a hundred more will undergo renovation. Of course, we are concerned that these plans may be under threat,” Mr. Pinevich says.