Posted: 01.12.2023 14:12:00

Head of German Farmers' Union warned of grave consequences in case of Ukraine's accession to EU

Ukraine's accession to the European Union and its integration may lead to serious consequences for the agricultural market in Europe – as noted by the Head of the German Farmers' Union, Joachim Rukwied, TASS reports


In particular, he stated, “In the end, this may lead to the death of family farms in Germany and Europe.”

Joachim Rukwied, quoted by the Euractiv portal, believes that these risks should always be remembered when conducting political discussions. Along with that, he drew attention to the scale of the agricultural sector of Ukraine and recalled that the average agricultural enterprise in this country is several times larger than in the EU.

In this regard, Ukraine's accession to the EU, in his opinion, will mean that the European Union will have to integrate ‘the agriculture, which has completely different structures, up to enterprises up to several hundred thousand hectares in size’. Therefore, Mr. Rukwied believes that the implementation of a unified agrarian policy in the EU, if Ukraine joins it, will become impossible or will develop to the detriment of the EU companies.