Posted: 18.10.2021 12:41:00

Hans Kluge, from WHO, appreciates Belarus’ healthcare system

During his visit to Minsk last week, Hans Kluge, the WHO Regional Director for Europe, met with the Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Valery Mitskevich

The sides discussed co-operation between Belarus and WHO and interaction in the fight against coronavirus, while also speaking of the obstacles on the path to overcoming the pandemic.

Mr. Mitskevich openly stressed, “Unity and solidarity of all countries are the only key to success in the fight against the pandemic. In this regard, we consider it unacceptable to politicise the issue of the origin of coronavirus infection. In addition, the use of unilateral coercive measures and sanctions amidst the pandemic is unacceptable. Against the background of difficult trials for states in connection with the spread of coronavirus, such pressure leads to an aggravation of the situation, especially given the increased need for countries to purchase medicines and medical equipment. It’s only possible to cope with the pandemic through international co-operation aimed at sharing information, best practices, and ensuring universal access to the vaccine.”

The Belarusian parliamentarian highly appreciated the assistance provided by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in enhancing the potential of Belarus’ healthcare system and expressed confidence that Hans Kluge's visit would become another important stage in strengthening the country's long-term successful co-operation with the World Health Organisation.

In turn, Mr. Kluge recognised a high importance of Belarus being a member of the WHO Executive Committee. He stated, “While talking with representatives of many countries, I noted that healthcare related issues should be outside politics and the fact that Belarus is a member of the Executive Committee is a significant achievement. I’m convinced the country has something to share with others and its membership will benefit the Executive Committee’s work.”

Meanwhile, Belarus' experience in the fight against coronavirus infection and its model of response to the pandemic have yielded fruit. This was reminded by the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission on Health, Physical Culture, Family and Youth Policy at the House of Representatives, Valentina Kursevich, during her talk with Mr. Kluge. The WHO Regional Director for Europe commented then, “You have preserved the good practices of the Soviet system, while updating it with new equipment and technologies. You are ensuring a comprehensive coverage of primary healthcare. I’d wish to thank you for always prioritising health issues, especially in the context of the pandemic which has demonstrated that no economy, state and social unity are possible without health. I thank you for the support in the normative work which refers to the fight against the pandemic.”